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The idea of Leading With Courage Network was born in the middle of the pandemic, when networking groups and their meetings were forced to be virtual.  Lee Eisenstaedt, the founder of Leading With Courage Network, noticed two things:

  1. Attending the virtual meetings was much more efficient than their face-to-face counterparts , and
  2. About 70% of the time, the virtual meetings were as effective as their face-to-face alternatives.

Then he noticed something else:  We liked virtual more.

 We found ourselves intrigued by the possibilities of growth as the superficial walls of geography came down.

  • Look at your goals. They aren’t defined by location. They can take you anywhere.
  • Look at your connections on LinkedIn. They’re local, regional, national and global.
  • Look at our business landscape. It’s been forever changed and continues to evolve in a world where Zoom meetings are the norm.

Lee started asking a lot of questions including:

  • Could we form a B2B networking group that would Go Beyond Local and be all virtual, all the time?
  • Why are all the networking groups organized around where their members live or work?  Do we do business based exclusively on where we are physically located?
  • Networking gets stale when we get together with the same people meeting after meeting, month after month, hoping for a different outcome each time.  How can we keep networking fresh and productive?
  • Could we build a community comprised entirely of trusted advisors to owners, leaders and executives?
  • Could we build a community that cares more about the character and commitment of its members than their positions and the size of their companies?
  • Could we use emotional intelligence, Everything DiSC and other self-assessments to provide members with insights about themselves that help them build stronger, more enduring relationships?
  • Could a group provide its members with exclusive access to Subject Matter Experts to help them grow their businesses
  • Can we create a space where members can safely talk about tough topics like vaccine mandates, climate change, and immigration?

As the picture came together, we realized what we were forming was something people were missing.  It’s what you see here as the invitation-only, all virtual community for trusted advisors that's intended to augment your other face-to-face networking memberships rather than replace them. 

Networking has changed. It’s time for a group like Leading With Courage Network that fits into your life perfectly. Not the other way around.

LWCN wants to make the differences between

virtual and face-to-face networking disappear.

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