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It’s not purely about the membership numbers for us. That focus makes networking groups care about getting as many bodies in the organization as possible without caring as much about what each member wants and needs. We want to grow, but not like that.

Right from the start, you’ll feel that difference as you get to know Leading With Courage Network through our member selection criteria and vetting process.

Don’t worry. It’s not a 20-point checklist for vetting. But it’s a process that’s vital to help Leading With Courage Network create successful, varied, in-depth and more fulfilling interactions among our members. And who doesn’t want more of that?

⚙️  All Members Are Trusted Advisors

No more of talking to members you can’t relate to. If you’re a leader or have high influence on peers in the C-suite or equivalent, with at least 10 years of experience, you’ll be at the level we’re looking for. When we say a higher tier of membership, we mean it.

⚙️  At Least Average Emotional Intelligence

Every potential member of LWCN is required to take a confidential, no-charge Emotional Intelligence Assessment. It will tell us (and you) a great deal about your self-awareness and other characteristics to understand if you are inclined to practice the behaviors conducive to the group. We think you’ll find it highly enlightening and, thinking optimistically, it will help us identify key individuals and groups that fit not only your goals but also complement your EI. All in the name of providing a more rewarding experience.

⚙️  A Commitment To Attend At Least 2/3 Of Monthly Meetings Without Missing. No Substitutes.

It’s simple. If you want results, you need to attend meetings, show up on time, be an active participant and follow through and follow up on all referrals and requests. It’s standard, yes, but we need to state it now because your calendar with its commitments must align with Leading With Courage Networking calendar’s expected commitment of attendance.

We will not accept or keep members who think this is a group where you can check in from time to time. We don’t care about the excuses and no, you can’t send someone else from your firm to fill in. If you get an invitation to join, it’s for you. Not them.

⚙️  Check Your Ego At The “Door”

To be blunt about it, we’re all equals here as members. We come from the same tiers and possess the same unwavering drive to develop our businesses while helping each other grow. If anyone can’t share that point of view, they can’t join our community and won’t be long for it either.

⚙️  Complete A Member Selection Interview

A personal 20-minute conversation via Zoom with one of our leaders will help ensure if we’re a fit for one another enough for us to extend an invitation into membership with Leading With Courage Networking.

Finally, there’s one commitment that we will make to you: That our overall membership and composition of each Group at Leading With Courage Networking will be as diverse as possible in terms of gender, race and sexual orientation. All lifestyle choices and beliefs are welcome here.

Make sense? Questions? Feel like it’s the kind of network you’ve been waiting for (it is)? Then take the next step and call Leading With Courage Network today at 262.412.4710.

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