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    The great thing about Leading With Courage Network is that being virtual never means you lose out on features. In fact, it enables us to offer even more, including:

    Monthly facilitated, 1 hour and 25 minutes Zoom Group Meetings

    Step into a Zoom environment that consists of member introductions, group discussions, and a setting up post-meeting get together with another member. We also offer quarterly self-assessments and masterminds within the Group. Occasionally, there will be an article sent out in advance that your Group will discuss, or we'll have a guest speaker. You’ll get the size of Group you’re looking for while growing as a leader and benefitting from the wisdom of others on how to face your latest challenges.

    Here's an example of a group meeting agenda:

      • One-minute introductions and a question that lets members to reveal something about themselves (~15 min)
      • Member wants and needs and shout outs of recent successes (~10 min)
      • Group discussion of one or more questions, maybe a challenge a member is facing, an article, or a guest speaker (~40 min)
      • Announcements (~10 min)
      • Breakouts to arrange post-meeting get togethers (~10 min)

    Groups of 14-16 Members

    First, when you join a Group, it will exist for six months. Then the Groups will be shuffled so they are composed of as many different members as possible.

    Second, the relatively small size of the Groups provides for a more intensive and productive experience in which you know your fellow Group members better.  The smaller size of the Groups also provide greater opportunities for members to participate in group discussions, be the subject of a Subject Matter Expert Spotlight, etc.  High quality. High variety. High return on investment.


    Do you think you could foster deeper relationships more quickly by knowing one another’s preferences and tendencies from the start? Of course you can.  Every member has the opportunity to complete an Everything DISC Workplace on Catalyst™️ Assessment, which means members who opt in will be able to learn about each other’s qualities far beyond who you are and what you do for a living.

    Members can also opt into completing the Six Types of Working Genius® assessment and the Leading With Courage® Academy's Leadership self-assessment.  These three assessments have a value of more than $300 but as a member of LWN you can complete all of them for $200.

    Members are also eligible for exclusive discounts on select Everything DiSC and 180- and 360-degree Genos International emotional intelligence assessments.  And, each quarter you'll have the opportunity to complete another leadership-related self-assessment as part of your membership.

    Mastermind and Member Spotlight Sessions

    At least twice per quarter, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a meeting of the minds – the Mastermind that is a safe space for you to open up about your issues, challenges, problems and concerns around the corner. We’re here not to recommend what you do but provide you with a sounding board and options that you can consider. And once you decide on a course of action, we’ll help hold you accountable to following through on it.

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